Success Stories

Center Line, MI

Energy savings, lowest total HVAC cost and heating with 100% outside air all make for a satisfied customer of the Firehouse in Center Line, MI.

Mechanical Contractor
Jackson, MO

A southeastern Missouri mechanical contractor added a Cambridge SA Series HVHT heater to their facility increasing comfort for their employees with added warmth and improved indoor air quality.

St. Louis, MO

This warehouse at Langendorf Supply Company was the site for a Dept. of Energy study that showed 20% energy savings over the standard unit heaters previously run in the building.

Indoor Sports Facility
Detroit, MI

Heating an indoor sports facility with Cambridge HTHV heaters means improved indoor air quality, destratification and ultra high efficiency all at the lowest total installed cost.

Detroit, MI

Several heating problems at Belle Maer Harbor boat storage facility are solved by the addition of Cambridge heaters.

Indoor Sports Arena Long Island, NY

Chris Catan from Catan Equipment Sales discusses the benefits of using Cambridge equipment at All Star Arena.

St. Louis, MO

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Training Video

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Win More Projects with Lower Installation Costs

A mechanical contractor's view on Cambridge heaters including lowest installation costs, heating with 100% outside air and the wide range of building sizes suited to Cambridge heaters.

Easy Installation and Great ROI

Tony Contrera says, "We've had testimonial after testimonial stating that Cambridge equipment keeps them comfortable and gives great energy savings."

To Service Procedures

We know you’re busy, and sometimes the easiest way to get direction on a service question or instructions on how to install can best be obtained by a quick “How-To” video. For that reason, we’ve compiled some videos that you can view at your convenience that may help you with a Start Up or troubleshoot a problem you may be experiencing.


Procedure for replacing an igniter on a Cambridge S-Series direct gas-fired heater.

Damper Motor Replacement

Procedure for replacing a damper motor on a Cambridge S-Series direct gas-fired heater.

Start Up Procedure
S-Series with EDL

Start up procedure for an S-Series direct gas-fired heater with EDL controls.

Flame Guard Safety Relay (FSR) Replacement

Procedure for replacing a flame guard safety relay on a direct gas-fired heater.

Flame Rod

Procedure for replacing a flame rod on a Cambridge S-Series direct gas-fired heater.

PC Board

Procedure for replacing a PC board on a Cambridge S-Series direct gas-fired heater.

Start Up Procedure
M-Series with APA

Start Up Procedure for an M-Series heater with automatic profile adjustment.