*If do you do not know your part number, please contact the service team first at (800) 473 - 4569 or cei_service@cambridge-eng.com. *

There is no more wait time to submit a part order - you can access the store online 24/7. Also, just to sweeten the deal, we offer free ground shipping and free returns as part of our online ordering experience.

Request your account today: https://parts.cambridge-eng.com/b2b/portal/register/

If you are eligible for a contractor discount, please email akrieger@cambridge-eng.com to get set up to receive your discount!


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To better serve you, please provide the following, if available:

  • Model Number
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Schedule Cambridge Service Training

In order to serve you best we have three different training options available to meet your needs. The types of training and the associated fees are:

  • Webinar - Virtual web based training- FREE
  • Onsite - We travel to your location - You cover the cost of airfare, hotel and meals for the Cambridge trainer. If the training is combined with a factory startup project the training can be included with the startup to offset travel costs.
  • Cambridge Factory - We train you at our facility in St. Louis, MO - You cover airfare and hotel for your employees.

Please complete all the information below including the type of training, the preferred date and time, as well as your contact information. Once we receive your information the Cambridge Customer Service group will contact you to set up your training.