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Designed to Bring Your Employees Sustainable Comfort

Your employees should have the opportunity to operate in comfortable workspaces with heat that's both reliable and sustainable. Make the choice to create a better work environment for your team by utilizing Cambridge’s S-Series energy efficient large industrial space heaters.

Cambridge High Temperature Heating & Ventilation (HTHV) Space Heating Systems are designed to meet a building's heat and air load requirements and be energy efficient. Our unique blow-thru design, with 160°F maximum temperature rise and discharge temperature, delivers more usable heat and thermal comfort with minimal temperature variation throughout the heated space. This commercial/industrial space heater is 20% to 70% more energy efficient than all other types of indirect and direct gas-fired systems used to heat large commercial and industrial buildings.

Discharge air from the S-Series HTHV Heater creates a large volume of fresh, warm air flowing throughout the building which eliminates higher ceiling temperatures and uncomfortable drafts. The S-Series Heater utilizes 100% fresh air to dilute contaminants generated within the building. This virtually eliminates air quality problems associated with infrared heaters or conventional air heating systems that recirculate indoor air.

Energy-saving HVAC (Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning) retrofits include replacing Boiler, Unit Heater, Air Turnover, Infrared, Make-Up Air (MAU) and Recirculation (80/20) heating systems.


Benefits & Features of the S-Series Large Industrial Space Heater

Cambridge Air Solutions is the preferred choice for high-efficiency heaters for industrial and commercial spaces—like warehouses, manufacturing plants, aircraft hangars, indoor recreational facilities, and more—all due to the proprietary features of our S-Series large industrial heaters.

Learn how you can benefit from one of the most energy-efficiency space heaters Cambridge has to offer:

Save Energy

Our proprietary Blow-Thru® technology allows these industrial space heaters to efficiently heat your space with a smaller design, compared to a conventional draw-thru make-up air heater.

The Cambridge S-Series are 20-70% more energy efficient than all other types of indirect and direct gas-fired systems that are typically used to heat large industrial and commercial spaces. Save money on your energy costs with the Cambridge S-Series large space heaters.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Saving energy with your heater means a corresponding reduction in carbon dioxide emissions. Cambridge Air Solutions commercial space heaters are recommended for LEED-certified or green projects.

Lower Installation Costs

The Cambridge S-Series space heaters are smaller and more lightweight than other HVAC systems and are available with multiple mounting options for an easier installation process.


Cambridge large industrial space heaters require less maintenance and are built to last a long time. Our Blow-Thru® design means critical elements like the motor are located in the cool air stream for an extended life.

For added reliability, Cambridge offers an industry-leading warranty package: two years for the commercial space heater and five years on the Cambridge burner.

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S-Series High Efficiency and Velocity Space Heater - Under Roof Installation


High Temperature Heating & Ventilation (HTHV) is a technology class of products established by the Department of Energy (DOE) with the goal of increasing the energy efficiency of heating equipment throughout the US.  By definition, HTHV technologies are certified to a discharge temperature which is greater than or equal to 150°F and a temperature rise greater than or equal to 140°F and also has the ability to both heat and ventilate commercial and industrial structures.  These energy-saving products provide more than just heating. They also provide ventilation, and temperature destratification from the same piece of equipment.

HTHV products are the safest, most energy efficient way to heat. Cambridge’s HTHV products have the lowest total cost of ownership when compared to other heating technologies, especially when compared to standard efficiency gas unit heaters. Our HTHV products have been proven through both a DOE study and our own building studies to save between 20% to 70% on energy depending on the building, location, application, and installation. 



The most energy efficient way to heat both new and existing buildings with large open spaces such as: 

Cambridge S-Series Heater Rooftop Installation - Cambridge Air Solutions

Air Solutions Tour

Cambridge's Air Solutions Tours are customized to answer your questions regarding how our technology can help you address your facility's heating challenges. Your knowledgeable Cambridge guide will walk you and your team through our facility and answer any specific questions you may have regarding HTHV technology or the S-Series large industrial & commercial space heater. In addition, you can get in touch with our Sales Development Representative through the chat feature or phone to discuss any questions you have about our products or tours. Schedule an in-person or virtual tour today!

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The Cambridge S-Series high-efficiency industrial space heaters are available with multiple mounting options for easier installation:


Cambridge Air Solutions S-Series Heaters - Rooftop Installation

Rooftop Installation

Cambridge Air Solutions S-Series Heaters - Indoor Vertical Installation

Indoor Vertical Installation

Cambridge Air Solutions S-Series Heaters - Thru Wall Installation

Thru-Wall Installation

Cambridge Air Solutions S-Series Heaters - Outdoor Vertical Installation

Outdoor Vertical Installation

Cambridge Air Solutions S-Series Heaters - Under Roof Wall Installation

Under Roof Installation

Cambridge Air Solutions Pad Mount Installation

Pad Mount Installation


The Cambridge S-Series is one of the most energy efficient large commercial space heaters on the market. If you want to cut down on your costs while also providing a comfortable and safe working environment for your building’s occupants, the Cambridge Air Solutions team can help.

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