Developers working in speculative buildings that need ventilation with minimal heat, often find themselves overproducing for the needs of the facility in its current state.

Rather than heating, the goal should instead be to prevent freezing. As they find, their real need is for a freeze protection solution that provides proper airflow, measured in CFM, while factoring in the BTUs required in the unoccupied space.

 Speculative facilities - such as storage units or rentable spaces currently unoccupied by businesses, do not need comfortable heating. Instead, these facilities must  meet ventilation codes while protecting the integrity of the building with minimal heating.

The Cambridge Spec Air Series is an economical draw-through heating system that provides temperature control and freeze protection for speculative buildings with minimal heat. By using this freeze-protection product, you can keep your costs down and focus on your business.



Protect Speculative Buildings from Freezing Temperatures

Contractors developing speculative buildings want a simple ventilation system that provides simple freeze-protection heating. In cold temperatures, a freeze protection system can protect important building systems and piping.

The Cambridge Spec-Air Series features patented low-fire start technology that increases unit reliability and saves energy. Our Freeze Protection solutions utilize a proprietary type 304 stainless burner. Keeping the options to a minimum and matching the burner to the heating application allows for the overall cost to be reduced.

Spec-Air Series Features

The Cambridge Air Solutions Spec-Air Series is a 100% outside ventilation unit that meets minimum ventilation requirements for commercial buildings while tackling freeze protection. The Spec-Air series provides enough heat to keep products above freezing temperatures (around 40-45 degrees Fahrenheit). Spec-Air is the ideal solution that meets the building code ventilation requirements for your Warehouse, storage unit, or other unoccupied buildings.

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Cambridge Spec-Air Series Benefits

Cambridge Spec-Air Series has many benefits. It provides year-round heating and ventilation. It also helps minimize project costs, ultimately increasing your profitability. Spec-Air meets minimum ventilation requirements and is easy to install.

Win More Projects with Freeze Protection in Place

Freeze Protection is a must for Speculative building development The Cambridge Spec Series is ASHRAE 62.1, ANSIZ83.4, ISAQ Leader, and CSA Certified. ASHRAE 62.1 compliance is achieved upon occupancy.

Why is Freeze Protection Important?

Speculative buildings may spend several months unoccupied. If this period occurs during freezing conditons in the winter months, piping and other systems could be compromised. This is most common if a building lacks proper insulation. Speculative buildings must also meet code requirements for heating and ventilation. Heating and ventilation installs can be costly for building owners. This cost is not ideal when the building is not in use or will be transferred to new ownership. The Cambridge Spec-Air Series is engineered so you meet building codes and address basic ventilation needs without compromising the overall project budget.

What Buildings Should Consider the Spec-Air Series?

The Spec-Air series is a Viable freeze protection option for new construction warehouses and unoccupied warehouse spaces. It is also ideal for ventilation-driven applications. Spec-Air can help address your ventilation and heating code requirements simultaneously.

Note, that the Spec Air Series is not a solution for:

  • Retrofit/Replacement
  • Comfort-Driven Solutions
  • Industrial Makeup Air Projects (Use the M Series instead)
  • Large Heat Requirements
  • Plan/Spec

Get Code-Approved Freeze Protection on Budget with Cambridge Air Solutions

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